MN Broadband Line Extension Connection Program in Scandia

If you live, or have a business, inside the Scandia City Limits and do not have MidCo service available at your property...

I strongly encourage you click on the following link and apply for the MN Line Extension Grant!

MN Line Extension Application Form.

Let your neighbors know about this too!

Internet lines are expensive to run. The more of your neighbors that apply, the more likely it is that MidCo will want to expand service to your neighborhood.

Don't wait! Sign up today!!! There is no cost to you!

Click on any of the following links for more information:
  • Access the MN DEED website to learn more about the grant program.
  • Access the Interactive Scandia Expansion Map to see what properties are eligible for the grant.

    This website is brought to you as a public service by Steve Kronmiller, Scandia City Councilmember