Welcome to the Scandia Internet Website

Lack of reliable and affordable internet is a concern for many in Scandia. Many of your neighbors, along with support from the City Council and the Economic Development Authority, have been working to understand internet service issues in our community.

Today, there are about 800 homes with good internet service and about 1,000 that do not. The challenge is to identify affordable solutions that will ensure everyone in Scandia has access to reliable, cost effective, high-speed internet.

In September 2019, the City partnered with MidCo on a State Broadband Grant application for a $1,020,971 project to expand internet services to approximately 219 homes. On January 21, 2020, we received notice that we were awarded the grant! The State will fund $510,485 (50%) of the project cost; MidCo has committed $350,400 (34%); and the City of Scandia will pay $160,085 (16%).

Given current state law, every property owner in Scandia will be assessed a portion of this cost based on the taxable market value of their property. For 2020, the total taxable market value in Scandia is estimated to be $734,450,800. As such, all property owners in Scandia will contribute approximately $21.80 for every $100,000 in property value, to support this expansion.

The City recently established an official “Internet Action Committee” to replace the grass-roots Internet Focus Group. This new committee is currently working with MidCo to develop a 5-year plan to expand the MidCo territory to ensure everyone in Scandia has access to reliable, high-speed internet service.

When complete, the plan will describe: when each home will get service; what services they will get; what the costs will be; and who will pay those costs.

This has been a long process, and we still have a long way to go. Your support has been greatly appreciated!

Please take time to look at the Interactive Map and the Q&A pages:
  • The Interactive Map page contains a map showing several different pieces of information like where good internet service exists and where it does not exist.
  • The Q&A page contains other useful information, including access to the results from the 2018 Survey and 2019 RFP!

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